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Sue Weighell FCA FRSA


Sue has been a Director of K-Club since 2018, playing a pivotal role in the group's growth and development. With an extensive network of contacts built throughout her career in business and finance, Sue has an unparalleled reputation and standing within the Northwest business community.

While Sue classes herself as an accountant, her expertise extends far beyond that label. With a background in accountancy and a track record of holding Finance Director positions, she has also had roles as a Managing Director, making invaluable contributions to the success and expansion of the entrepreneurs and growth businesses she has been involved with. As a Chartered Accountant, Sue upholds the highest professional standards, managing all financial aspects of K-Club and ensuring systems and reporting are maintained to the highest standard.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Sue is a passionate supporter of the prominent Manchester charity, Prevent Breast Cancer. Having assumed the role of Finance Director since 2020 and serving as an ambassador since 2010, she brings her financial acumen to support the goals of the charity. Additionally, Sue is a Trustee of the Children's Burns Foundation, Smart Works (Greater Manchester) and NW Hearts Charity.

Sue lives by the guiding principle of continuously seeking improvement, encapsulated in her mantra, "If something takes a long time to do, there must be a better way." Embracing technology and streamlining processes, she consistently strives to enhance productivity in both her business and personal life, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of efficiency.

Sue Weighell FCA FRSA
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