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Unlocking Private Equity: Andy Gregory, CEO of BGF, and Rob Davenport, Chairman of Shawston

Our April K-Club was held at the stunning Alan Hotel in Manchester with the session providing invaluable perspectives on private equity, featuring two notable guest speakers: Andy Gregory, CEO of BGF, and Rob Davenport, Executive Chairman of Shawston Holdings. The event was expertly hosted by Rich Newman, CEO of Ultimate Agency.

The morning began with a warm welcome from Rich, who set the stage for an engaging and informative session. The format was interview-style, with each speaker delivering a brief biography and business overview before diving into a panel discussion and audience Q&A.

Andy Gregory, with his extensive background in private equity, shared insights into BGF's patient capital model. He explained how BGF's approach differs from traditional private equity firms by focusing on long-term investments and aligning investor and investee interests. He also touched on BGF's due diligence process and the importance of understanding investment terms.

Rob Davenport recounted his journey from managing a small distribution business to leading a national company with a robust corporate structure. He discussed the challenges and successes of working with private equity providers and offered advice for business leaders navigating similar paths. Rob also highlighted Shawston's innovative direct share ownership model and its positive impact on employee engagement and company culture.

Key Insights Rich posed several thought-provoking questions to the panel that shed light on the intricacies of private equity:

Andy Gregory on BGF's Patient Capital Model: Andy elaborated on how BGF's patient capital model supports sustained growth and stability for investees, contrasting it with the short-term focus of traditional private equity.

Rob Davenport on Challenges with Private Equity: Rob shared his experiences dealing with private equity providers, emphasising the importance of finding the right partner who understands the company's vision and values.

Due Diligence and Deal Structuring: Andy discussed BGF's approach to due diligence, stressing the need for thorough research and alignment of interests to ensure successful partnerships.

Direct Share Ownership Model: Rob explained the decision-making process behind Shawston's direct share ownership model and its benefits for fostering a strong company culture.

Evaluating Private Equity Offers: Both speakers offered insights into the key factors business owners should consider when evaluating private equity offers, underscoring the importance of alignment and long-term vision.

Audience Engagement

The session included a Q&A segment, where K-Club members sparked discussions on topics such as successful investments, sustainability in investment strategies, and future trends in private equity.

K-Club’s Event Director, Amanda Manson, concluded the event with closing remarks, thanking the speakers and attendees for their participation. She provided details on future K-Club events and membership opportunities, encouraging continued engagement and collaboration within the business community.


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