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Diane Modahl MBE and Neil Clough: Empowering Success at our K-Club breakfast

Our July K-Club event was a huge success, leaving attendees inspired and motivated to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness in their own businesses. With the theme "From Setbacks to Breakthroughs” we had the honour of hosting two renowned speakers, Diane Modahl MBE and Neil Clough. Their insightful talks on mindset, planning, motivation, and belief resonated deeply with our members and guests, making it an engaging and impactful session. The venue for the event was the stunning Alan Hotel on Princess Street in central Manchester, with its downtown New York style and ambience.

Triumph Through Mentoring and Empowerment

Diane Modahl, a legendary figure in the world of athletics, engaged the audience with her journey to success. As a four-time Olympic Games representative for Great Britain & NI and a Commonwealth Games gold, silver, and bronze medallist, Diane's achievements are awe-inspiring. She emphasised the pivotal role her coach played in her life, who recognised her potential and mentored her towards greatness.

Sharing her personal experience of unjustly being accused of failing a drug test and her arduous journey to overturn the ruling, Diane imparted invaluable insights and key lessons she learned throughout her career, providing our audience with a profound understanding of resilience and determination:

  1. Mindset: Belief in your actions and behaviours is crucial for success.

  2. Change: Improvement doesn't happen by chance but by intentional change. Plan for peak performance.

  3. Trust Your Instincts: Don't settle for complacency. Encourage creativity and replace strategy with execution.

  4. Attitude is Everything: Control how you respond to challenges and obstacles, even when circumstances are beyond your control.

Furthermore, Diane highlighted her current role as Chair of the Sport Committee Commonwealth Games England and Chair of the Greater Manchester Young Person's Task Force. Her dedication to empowering young people, promoting social mobility and inclusion, truly exemplifies her commitment to making a positive impact.

Rising Above Adversity and Building Success

Neil Clough, a hugely popular finalist in the 2013 edition of BBC Apprentice, shared his story of perseverance and determination. Despite being labelled "the right man with the wrong plan" during the show's final, Neil utilised his experiences and knowledge to establish This is Prime, a unique sales recruitment and training business focused on the graduate market.

Neil's talk centred around his personal journey, including the loss of his father at a young age and the subsequent loss of motivation to pursue his passion for football. He emphasised the importance of standing out to achieve greatness and finding a deep-rooted reason to succeed. Neil's key insights from his career and apprentice journey included:

  1. Belief in Yourself: Overcoming imposter syndrome and having confidence in your abilities is key to success.

  2. Willingness to Listen: Adding value and focusing on building relationships instead of solely pursuing profit.

  3. Embracing Failure: Seeing failure as an opportunity for growth and learning.

  4. Diversifying Revenue Streams: Adapting to challenges by expanding business offerings and exploring new markets.

Neil's journey showcased how resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of growth can lead to high achievements, both personally and professionally.

Join us at our next K-Club event, where we continue to bring together exceptional speakers and thought leaders to foster growth, innovation, and empowerment within our membership and the wider business and entrepreneurial community.


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