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Andy Burnham's Re-Election Manifesto Unveiled at K-Club Event

Earlier this month, K-Club were delighted to welcome Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, to speak to members and guests at Fountain House on Albert Square, Manchester. This visit marked his third time speaking to the group, and this event was attended by over 70 guests.

Ahead of Andy’s talk, everyone enjoyed a sumptuous three-course meal of the finest standard, delivered by the team at what must be one of Manchester's finest kitchens at Fountain House.

Andy addressed the room in his usual approachable and friendly manner, giving insight and an overview of the general landscape for commerce in Manchester. He then moved on to outline his vision for the region and his manifesto for a third term, centred on three major initiatives to enhance Greater Manchester. His plan aims to address the housing crisis, provide alternative education pathways, and improve well-being services in the region.

Highlighting Greater Manchester's progress, Andy stated, “Greater Manchester has been leading the way on transport. We are now ready to do the same on housing, technical education and well-being.”

To tackle the housing crisis, he plans to establish a multi-agency GM Housing First unit, building the capacity to address housing issues comprehensively. His goal includes constructing 1,000 new homes in each borough by 2028 and introducing a "Good Landlord Charter" to set standards in social-rented, private rented, and student accommodations.

His second pledge focuses on education. If re-elected, he will introduce the Greater Manchester Baccalaureate (MBacc) starting in September. This new qualification will connect young people with “high-quality opportunities across the fast-changing economy of Greater Manchester,” emphasising skills valued by local employers over those preferred by universities.

Thirdly, his Live Well service initiative aims to integrate employment support with health and well-being resources. He plans to request devolution of employment support funding and reconfigure local Job Centre Plus sites to create a single service that connects DWP resources, primary care social prescribing, and new funding for preventative measures.

Additional pledges include accelerating the introduction of the Bee Network, aiming for a fully integrated public transport system by 2028, encompassing bikes, buses, trams, and trains.

Expressing his optimism for the future, he said, “I am more optimistic about Greater Manchester’s future than I have ever been because I believe in the coming generation of Greater Mancunians and where they will take us. Our job now is to open the doors for them, let them through and, on the foundations we have laid, make this place everything it can be.”

The session ended with questions and answers from the audience, focusing mainly on business and entrepreneurship in the region.

All in all, the event was a huge success, and we look forward to welcoming Andy back to K-Club soon.


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